Series e-80 5x5x7B
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B&G SERIES e-80 - 5x5x7B - CLOSE COUPLED IN-LINE CENTRIFUGAL PUMP Bell & Gossett Series e-80 Pump, Size 5 x 5 x 7B Bell & Gossett Series e-80 pumps are heavy-duty, high-efficiency, close-coupled pumps for either horizontal or vertical in-line mounting. They come with a standard cast iron volute construction...
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Bell & Gossett Series e-80 Pump, Size 5 x 5 x 7B

Bell & Gossett Series e-80 pumps are heavy-duty, high-efficiency, close-coupled pumps for either horizontal or vertical in-line mounting. They come with a standard cast iron volute construction for 175 psi working pressure. The B&G e-80 pump features an internally flushed mechanical seal with anti-vortex baffles and armored flush line from discharge to assure excellent water seal cooling and lubrication. Its back pull-out design allows one service tech ease of maintenance. An ANSI/HI grade G6.3 balanced stainless steel impeller guarantees quiet, vibration-free performance. Series e-80 pumps replaced older Series 80 pumps.


Manufacturer (Brand)

Bell & Gossett
Bell & Gossett SeriesSeries e-80
Bell & Gossett Model5X5X7B
MPN (Manufacturer Part Number)N/A
Pump SizeN/A
Replaces Bell & Gossett Model5x5X7B
Pump TypeCentrifugal
Mounting TypeIn-Line
ConstructionCast Iron
Connection Size5″



Bell & Gossett, a renowned and established manufacturer of pumps, heat exchangers, plumbing accessories and valves. It is a leading company which excels in creating a wide range of high quality products which find applications in water systems, hydronic heating and cooling systems and more. To meet the challenging water issues of the world, B&G has come up with excellent and effective solutions which help water systems, industries and the general population, overcome the water crisis.

One of the most popular products manufactured by Bell & Gossett is the Series e-80 close coupled pump. It is a heavy duty, in-line mounted centrifugal pump which is highly efficient. Its design allows both vertical and horizontal in-line mounting. It is equipped with the best parts created from high-quality materials. Its best class hydraulic performance is remarkable and it has broad range efficiency for both variable and fixed speed operations.

What are the specifications of the B&G Series e-80 pump?

  • This centrifugal pump is available in sizes 1.5” to 8” and its motors range from 0.25 HP to 50 HP at a speed of 1750 RPM. You can also get it at 5 to 60 HP at a speed of 3500 RPM. There are three working pressure designs in which the Series e-80 is available and they are #175, #200 and #300.
  • NEMA JM and NEMA JP motors are used for the Bell & Gossett Series e-80 pumps. The motors have a drip-proof enclosure which ensures its protection. For convenient positioning, the motor can be rotated at 90-degree intervals on its bracket.
  • The B&G Series e-80 is made with high-quality stainless steel with stainless steel impellers. This ensures its sustainability and protects it from chemical damages. The operation of the pump takes place without any vibration, thanks to its impellers which are balanced to HI Grade G6.3.
  • For easy lubrication and sufficient cooling, the mechanical seal chamber has been equipped with anti-vortex baffles and armored flush line. This enables the required discharge and keeps the pump cool.
  • The typical working pressure of a pump should be at least 175psi and it should have gauge tappings and discharge nozzles. When it comes to the B&G Series e-80, the pump is available in 250 psi and 300 psi working pressures as well, with 250# flange drilling. The standard construction works with 175 psi working pressure and its flange drilling is 125#.
  • The several beneficial features and operational options make this pump highly functional and useful for a wide array of applications. It is durable, gives a high-performance and has the highest efficiency. In fact, this pump exceeds the efficiency regulations proposed by DOE.
  • Its sensored and sensorless operations and applications make it highly energy efficient and cost effective. Therefore, investing in this pump is truly worth it.

What are the advantages of using a Bell & Gossett close coupled pump?

  • The Bell & Gossett Series e-80 pump can be operated using the efficient sensored and sensorless technology
  • The B&G e-80 pump’s design is energy efficient and economical. It works in Integrated Technology which allows its application in automation system control. The sensorless technology reduces the energy, cost and time that sensors and wire transducers would be using otherwise.
  • Installing the Series e-80 is not a hassle at all
  • Installing this pump is relatively easier and very convenient. It has been designed specifically for being energy efficient, cost-effective and easy to install. Four bolt holes are tapped with the bottom of the volute which provides temporary support when installing the pump. For more support and convenience, you can opt for mounting supports which varies in size from 1.5” to 8”.
  • Repair and occasional servicing of the B&G e-80 is quick, easy and simple
  • Maintaining and servicing the B&G pump has been made convenient with its back pullout design. The piping remains undisturbed during servicing and repairs. This makes the repairs swift and easy.

The excellent and durable features of the B&G Series e-80 centrifugal pump expand its lifecycle. It is convenient to install, easy to maintain and repair, safe to use and delivers a highly efficient output. It is one of the best pumps available which can bring excellent and quick solutions to water system crisis. Its efficient advanced power system design enables it to be used for a wide range of applications that has an improved system performance and a lower lifecycle cost. It is best suited for new and retrofit construction projects. Besides that, the design of the Series e-80 is space-efficient as well. To cater to the water needs of the world, this pump provides efficient, economical, longstanding and smart solutions. The innovative approach of Bell & Gossett is evident from its application in several light industries and general purposes.




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Series e-80 5x5x7B


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